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Praise for Tina Beneman

"Repatterning is a subtle yet powerful technique. I have found it to be extremely helpful in allowing me to think differently – to deal with professional and personal challenges in new ways. It has opened up a whole new way of dealing with every day ups and downs. I highly recommend it." – H.B. Baltimore, MD

"First let me tell you that something wonderful happened – I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my heart. Therapy has always given me emotional release and helped me find explanations but it never gave me a way to change the memories and emotions that were resting in my cells. I will definitely be back to continue this process." – L.S. Baltimore, MD

"It has been more than 3 years and the quality of my life continues to improve. My tennis improved right away – my peers were really curious! I continued to explore other areas where I felt stuck. I became aware that while I was thriving in some areas of my life, there were many places where I was scared. I became more familiar with the concept of resonance and how old patterns learned during survival times were obsolete. I became more able to live and respond in the present. Before I knew it my husband and I found the house we had been scared to even try to look for . I felt like my new found confidence even resonated for my family, especially, my husband who was discouraged by the housing market and feared change. He has since had the courage to change careers in addition to moving. As a family, we still have life's share of problems and we coping well and finding joy in the sunrise and sunset like never before." – C.L. Baltimore, MD

"Tina Beneman is a very talented therapist. She enabled me to work through a highly emotional issue, shift my thinking about it and proceed in a positive direction leading to the successful achievement of a goal I never thought I could accomplish. She skillfully used Resonance Repatterning tools to pinpoint the issue and then worked with me to come up with the exact outcome I wanted to achieve. She supported me throughout this time until I accomplished the outcome I wanted." – M.C. Washington, D.C.

"My session with you yesterday enabled me to let go of a "hunk" of my past. My behavior this morning showed me that I am learning to love myself. Yes! I am healing deep within myself Tina. I am truly grateful." – K.M. Lewes, DE

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