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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about Resonance Repatterning?
Resonance Repatterning is a remarkably efficient and comprehensive self-healing system. It allows us to address issues on many levels at once - mental, emotional, physical and energetic - leading to powerful, lasting and integrated benefits.

Using the laser-like clarity of muscle checking, we can bypass months of talk therapy and quickly zero in on the negative beliefs, behavior patterns and unresolved memories that block you. We can also access and clear information that cannot be known by the conscious mind, including memories from the very early years of life.

Unlike other therapies that offer bodywork, I am trained to offer a wide variety of healing modalities, drawing from the best of ancient and modern science. We can select and treat you with the healing modality that works best for YOUR system during your session.

Finally, this process is designed to empower you to facilitate your own self healing. As you align with your core wisdom, you will gain the coherence needed to continue this work on your own.

Why do I repeat the same mistakes?
We fall into the same holes because we can't see what's pulling us down. These "blind" spots result from unconscious patterns of thinking and feeling, most of which were imprinted during the early years of life. We can't figure these things out because the imprinting is stored in parts of our brain that are pre-literate, which means, there are no words. Therefore, our "thinking" brain can't find the trail.

As you've probably discovered with the really frustrating problems in your life, no amount of willpower provides long lasting results. Most people compensate amazingly well but the ongoing struggle takes a big toll on physical health and emotional/mental well being. Sooner or later, something triggers us into overload and we take a nose dive. Until we work through our core issues, this cycle repeats itself throughout our lives.

How can you find out what's blocking my energy?
There's a part of us that holds the energetic blueprint of our well being. We sense this wholeness in the way we notice whether we feel "good" or feel "bad." A biofeedback technique called "muscle checking" provides a reliable way to knock on the door of this inner intelligence and ask for guidance. Many forms of advanced therapy rely on muscle response as a highly efficient way to navigate the energy streams of your body.

How can you make it easier for me to change?
Once we zero in on the problem, we determine what energetic modalities are needed to clear blocked energy. I am trained to offer the best "energy medicine" from ancient traditions and modern science, including five-element acupuncture, chakra balancing, sound, color/light, movement, breath, flower essences, herbs, essential oils, brain gym, NLP, energetic contacts such as cranial sacral, polarity therapy, jin shin and many more. I am continually learning new techniques to enhance my black bag of energetic tools. Most importantly, I offer you the gift of my full presence, which creates the healing container needed for powerful transformation to occur.

What benefits can I expect to experience after a session?
Many people report an immediate sense of relief after only one session. After six sessions, most people report being able to notice when they are being "triggered" and have better skills for making a more conscious choice. After twelve sessions, you can expect to be more willing to choose what is best for you. Once you are conscious enough to have your best interests at heart, there is no limit to the positive change you can bring about in your life.

Will the positive changes last?
Yes. Resonance Repatterning techniques create system-wide change on an energetic level. Think of this process as rewiring how your nervous system responds to life events. As negative thoughts and feeling lose their "charge," they lose their power over you. As a result, you won't be swept into dysfunctional experiences. In addition, the behaviors you formed to protect yourself are no longer needed, which frees up your energy. You will find yourself becoming ever more open to new experiences and better able to live in the present, the only place it's possible to be happy.



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Frequently Asked Questions


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